Weekday Program

An Adaptation to the High Scope Curriculum

Our U.S.-based curriculum is customized for the global community of Shanghai.  We are a multi-lingual program with an emphasis on English and Chinese language however we welcome all kids, with varied language backgrounds, whose families are interested in early childhood socialization.

Various options are available:

  1. Infant and Toddler Program
  2. Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Programs
  3. Vacation Program – per visit basis

We are now open for enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year.  Please schedule a visit at (86) 21-3231-3388.

After-School Club

After-School Club is a 2-hour course from Monday to Friday.  Age Group:  3 – 8 years old.  A weekly theme-based program consists of science, math, language, fine arts and our specialized courses in Lasy Engineering and Ravensburger Workshops.

Weekend Classes

Weekend Morning Camp is a 3-hour course which consists of the LASY and Ravensburger programs, music, dance and fine arts.  Age Group:  3 to 8 years old.

Private Tutoring is a customized English Language lesson.  Teacher would be able to prepare lesson plans based on the language level of the student.  10 sessions per term with a minimum of 1 hour per session.  Age Group:  3 to 12 years old.

Summer Program

MLS Summer Program 2018

Winter Camp

MLS Winter Camp 2018 will be from December 24, 2018 to January 4, 2019.  More information coming up!

Chinese Language Program

Our Chinese Language Program is for expatriate children who want to take advantage of their stay in China and learn more about its culture and language.  There are 3 levels:  Beginner, Intermediate and Advance.  Each student will be assessed during his/her first visit and be also placed in age appropriate class.  Age Group:  3 to 8 years old.

MLS Parent Club

MLS Parent Club is a fun group of parents who would get together on a monthly basis during morning coffees or lunches or afternoon tea and share experience in raising their children in Shanghai.  Both Expat and Chinese parents are welcome.  This group is hosted by our founder, Lydia.

MLS Parent Club also hosts family playdate on a Saturday once a month.  Each family introduces various topics such as health, sports, art & craft or just a simple get together at school.

For non-working parents or parents who have extra time, parents are actively involved in the Mystery Guest program during weekdays.

Curriculum Guidelines

MLS features the HighScope Curriculum; an effective and proven system from the US which focuses on cognitive-development through participation and communication in a fun and nurturing environment. 

HighScope Infant-Toddler Wheel of Learning

HighScope Preschool Wheel of Learning HighScope Preschool Curriculum Content KDIs_Page_1HighScope Preschool Curriculum Content KDIs_Page_2

Interested? Or do you want more information?

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