Letter of Founding Principles

Dear Parent,

My Little Sunshine Academy (MLS) is an international daycare and kindergarten with after-school and weekend programs.  In the Zhongshan Park area, MLS is an excellent choice and was founded on the following key principles:

A Well-Designed and Clean Environment: Based on my experience as a parent and education professional, I wanted to develop a school that is well-designed, clean, and provides “peace-of-mind” to parents. MLS has been professionally designed and renovated; materials are safe with age-appropriate furniture and toilet fixtures. We pride ourselves on cleanliness with daily cleaning and use of air-purifiers to create a comfortable and safe environment.

“Learning through Play”: Our international curriculum is based on the premise of “learning-through-play”. Studies clearly show that the method of learning-through-play links the physical, intellectual, language, emotional, and social needs of children.

As a result, children that are taught through play learn more efficiently and retain more knowledge. Our curriculum effectively utilizes music, the arts, and specialized toys and games to strategically develop communication skills and early reading & math skills in a fun and nurturing environment.

Bilingual Communication and Social Skills: As educators and parents, it is prudent to anticipate the skill requirements of globalization on our young children therefore communication and early childhood exposure to both English and Mandarin at MLS is embraced by our curriculum. I truly believe that developing these skills in the context of Shanghai is a great benefit. MLS employs diverse educators fluent in both English and Mandarin that encourage social interaction, interpersonal skills, in a playful and nurturing environment.

I am very proud of MLS and encourage you to visit with your child to view first hand our excellent program and facility.

Lydia Lee



“Based on my experience as an educational professional and parent, I developed a school that I wanted for my own child. A school that is nurturing but also well-designed, clean, and provides peace-of-mind to parents.”

Lydia Lee, Founder

Additional information

  • Closed circuit monitoring systems: For safety and security, MLS has installed State-of-the-art monitoring systems for record.
  • Safety Procedures: Emergency fire and lock-down procedures is utilized. Classrooms are equipped with locking doors to ensure safety
  • Personal Bins and Lockers: Each child will be assigned their own bin/locker for extra clothes, personal items (indoor shoes, water bottles, jackets, etc) and medicine (for special cases).
  • Pick Up: For safety, we establish protocols for picking up children by parents, guardians, or ayis.
  • Testimonials:  Please click here and read what parents, past and current, said about us.

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